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> Global warming hogwash: Plans to save us are actually wasteful
> Britain should join the Euro, says Mandy, as he praises ‘great success’ of single currency
> Top French court rips heart out of Sarkozy internet law
> Climate laws add to police workload
> Gordon Brown puts Israel lobbyist in charge of Britain’s Middle East policy
> FDA approves cancer drug for dogs, too
> Beyond Golden Rice: The Rockefeller Foundation’s long-term agenda behind Genetically Modified Food
> Israeli DM Criticizes US Military Aid to Lebanon
> Israeli DM Criticizes US Military Aid to Lebanon
> Obama Warns not to challenge Official 9/11 Story (video)
> Swedish PM calls for national carbon taxes in Europe
> EU security proposals are ‘dangerously authoritarian’
> Obscene Drug Mark Ups
> Who Spent All That Money For What?
> FDA Approval of Antipsychotics for Children Mirrors Bayer, AMA Approvals of Heroin as Cough Medicine for Children
> Human rights victory for 20 terror suspects as Law Lords rule Government’s control orders are illegal
> Readying Americans for Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations
> Newsweek: Obama is God and Great Teacher (video)
> Middle-classes ‘don’t need winter fuel payment’, say MPs
> ‘Orwellian language’ in schools turns pupils into ‘customers’, finds damning report
> Stay slim to save the planet
> Why are we fingerprinting children?
> Nepotism Rules at Bilderberg
> UN’s Marxist Plan for Global Government
> Taking the politics of fear to a new low
> The Washington Child Sex Ring Coverup
> Morgellons Fibers and The U.S. Currency Fibers
> White House had long planned GM and Chrysler bankruptcies
> Jewish town in Galilee demands ‘loyalty oath’
> DNA databases prelude to return of eugenics?
> Pupils to be taught ‘how to think’ in GCSE-style course
> 5 Monkeys
> China moves to censor home computers
> Tennessee Burger King Defends Its „Global Warming Is Baloney” Sign
> A Case for Treason (Edward Heath)
> Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier advancing 7 feet per day
> Holocaust Denial And Uncomfortable Truth
> Obama shows Iran carrot, Clinton stick
> FEMA National ‘Exercise’ 2009
> Blind man accused of driving offences
> All Australians to Have National ‘Medical’ Microchipped ID Cards
> Spy bugs may be deployed for 2012 Olympics
> NASA Study Shows Sun Responsible for Planet Warming
> The cloud with no name: Meteorologists campaign to classify unique ‘Asperatus’ clouds seen across the world
> Poles Review Postwar Treatment of Germans
> Federal Reserve to Hire Ex-Enron Lobbyist in PR Move to Counter Doubts about Fed’s Growing Power Over U.S. Financial System
> US Fed Chairman demands plan to cut social programs
> Saudi FM: US aid to Israel should cease
> DVLA is selling drivers’ details to rogue wheel-clamping companies
> FDA weighs risk of antipsychotic drugs for kids
> The Techniques of Fascism #1: A Missile at Your Door
> WHO recommends rotavirus vaccine for all children
> Weaponized Education: Controlling Tomorrow With The Youth of Today
> NIAGARA COURTS RULING: Taser use to obtain DNA not unconstitutional
> MERCURY Found in Thousands of Foods & Soda’s Containing High Fructose Corn Syrup (video)
> Shas seeks authority to strip Israelis of citizenship
> Automated Precision Satellite Guidance Of 9/11 Type Aircraft Largely Possible Just Before Attacks
> Gross Fraud At Nuremberg – An Ugly History
> Police rule out broad inquiry over MPs’ expenses
> The WHO Plays with Pandemic Fire
> Mint can’t account for missing gold
> House Bill Proposes Commission to Explore National Servitude
> Settlers Rampage in WB, Savage Palestinians
> Auschwitz survivor: „I can identify with Palestinian youth”
> Drug Companies Using Third-World People as Guinea Pigs
> Report Ties Dubious Iran Nuclear Docs to Israel
> New Uses For Electro-Shock Torture
> Climate Change: Science Manipulated
> Police target ‘innocent’ youths for arrest in bid to increase DNA samples on database
> Obama intel nominee involved in ‘torture’
> Barack admits US role in 1953 Iran coup
> Democrats agree to IMF money in U.S. war bill
> Obama Selling Military Secrets To China For Debt Forgiveness?
> Campaign to Stop GM Wheat


> 30 Little Known Facts about America
> Second Labour MP claims for non-existent mortgage as Justice Minister quits
> Big Pharma Pushing Vaccination for High Blood Pressure
> Court Orders Parents to Poison Their 13-Year-Old Child with Chemotherapy
> Swine flu: Government signs up for 90 million doses of vaccine
> Poll: Danes say no to euro
> One World Government NGO comes out into the open
> Global Warming Petition Project
> Now demoralised police are sent on LITTER patrols in bid to hit performance targets
> Hitler’s Program Has Been Revived By Obama
> Congressional leaders inadvertently expose Israeli lobbyists behind letter to Obama
> Why don’t we care about Sri Lanka?
> Charlie Veitch vs. Armed Police at USA Embassy London (video)
> Melting ice could cause gravity shift
> US government renews threat to withdraw intelligence sharing
> Bill Clinton urges ‘strong’ climate change bill
> Scottish government to buy up enough swine flu vaccine for entire population
> What global warming?
> MPs’ EXPENSES: Blair’s £43,000 expenses were shredded ‘by incompetence’
> Homeland Security Trains Scouts To Fight Terrorism
> Gerald Celente Trends Alert – The „Bailout Bubble” – The Bubble to End All Bubbles
> Obama reversing field on Gitmo detainees
> U.S. Federal Reserve now tied to Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme
> Obama declares May ‘Jewish American Heritage Month’
> Gender-bending chemical timebomb fear for boys’ fertility
> Sri Lanka accused of ‘war crime’ over shelled hospital
> Nokia to build radio ID chips into phones for inventory control
> CBS Glorifies Mossad
> Scientist arrested for smuggling vials used in Ebola research into US
> Roche steps up production of Tamiflu
> Obama blocks release of torture photos
> Hitler Youth past is denied by Pope on trip hit by row over Holocaust
> Police Foreclose on Home After it is Paid Off
> Jail for Holocaust denier Toben
> Libyan whose „confession” facilitated Iraq war dead
> Police force cracks down on ‘bling’
> Another mega-thief walks free in the US
> Spanish discontent as soup kitchens spring up
> Ugly truth about foreign aid in Afghanistan
> Pope walks out over criticism of Israel
> WANTED: One Million Rebellious Britons
> The Irish referendum
> Former Top Rated NRA Senator to Introduce Gun Ban This Week
> NAU Precursor? EU Police Subdue Sovereignty Protesters


> „Swine Flu Was Cultured In A Laboratory”, Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director says
> Deborah Orr: We need to be inoculated against outbreaks of panic
> Rogue company to help set code on fair parking
> Malaysia massacre ‘under review’
> Cap and Trade’s $3,900 per Family per Year Price Tag
> ‘Extraordinary’ £1m salary of the man we pay to fight poverty
> As Swine Flu Spreads, Conspiracy Theories of Laboratory Origins Abound
> Only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152, says WHO
> Pope apologizes for abuse at native schools
> Global warming alarmists out in cold
> Billboards criticizing US aid to Israel taken down under pressure
> House passes hate-crimes bill, 249-175
> Swine flu? A panic stoked in order to posture and spend
> Obama’s First 100 Days: The Madmen Did Well
> Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?
> U.S. Air Force Study Proposed 2009 Influenza Pandemic in 1996
> Family courts system accused of hiding evidence from parents
> FDA Approves Emergency Measures For “Mass Dosing” Of U.S. Citizens
> Was The „Spanish Flu” Epidemic Man-made? (Flashback)
> Time Magazine Preps Americans For Mandatory Vaccinations
> Italy Seizes Millions in Assets From Four Banks
> Three cleared of helping July 7 London bombers
> Yugoslavia: 10 years of NATO Imperialism
> Austrian Holocaust denier faces 5 years in jail
> AIPAC pushing for new Iran sanctions bill?
> The capital well is running dry and some economies will wither
> Senior cabinet ministers ‘discussing dropping ID card scheme’
> The Effects of Fluoride on the Thyroid Gland
> Is Swine Flu A Biological Weapon?
> Flu Pandemic Hype: Another Pretext for World Government
> Harman Wiretap Highlights Suspicions
> Radioactive leaks from naval base
> Mexican authorities accused of initial cover up over swine flu
> Afghan girls school feared hit by airborne poison
> Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal
> Obama Demands Right to Recruit Minors for Military
> Fort Detrick disease samples may be missing
> DEADLINE LIVE EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Swine Flu May Have Originated at US-Owned Pig Breeding Farm
> Iran’s President ‘would support two-state solution’ for Israel
> Egyptian media: Israel bombed Iranian arms ship allegedly headed for Gaza
> City bankers scoop huge pay increases
> US says not testing travelers from Mexico for flu
> Iran discovers new oil, gas fields
> U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine Flu
> (Al Gore’s) Venture capital firm set to reap rewards on swine flu (along with Donald Rumsfeld)
> The missing sunspots: Is this the big chill?
> Iran arrests group planning pre-vote bombings
> Israel defies global demand over settlements
> Emanuel Says Obama Has ‘100% Confidence’ in Fed Chief Bernanke
> Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!
> Taxpayers Finance the Taliban
> Feds sued over anthrax documents
> CDC says too late to contain U.S. flu outbreak
> CFR Corporate Members Get Lion’s Share of Bailout Funds
> Monsanto Sues Germany to Force GMO Food
> US to abandon Israel over Iran
> Police ‘running network of informations inside protest groups’
> Printing Police Lies
> Social workers snatching a dementia patient from daughter’s home and forced her back to a care home
> Zimbabwe admits raiding private bank accounts
> Jamaican army deployed ahead of tax increase
> Fed Admits „Stress Tests” Are a Sham
> Another AIPAC Initiated Politician
> Obama: Israel rose from Holocaust
> New flu kills 68 in Mexico, reaches US
> Every youngster to carry out 50 hours community service by age 19
> Israeli soldiers detain busloads of schoolchildren for three hours
> DHS Chief Napolitano: Illegal Immigration Is Not a Crime
> Al-Qaeda Chief In Iraq: Captured, Killed, Never Actually Existed, Now Captured Again
> U.S. Citizens vs. Barack Hussein Obama
> US Cities Increasing Use of Armed Mercenaries to Replace Police
> Drug Company Had Hit List for Doctors Who Criticized Them
> Peter Schiff: Barack Obama Is Saying One Thing & Doing The Other (video)
> Only in America can you…
> How the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times Buried the Madoff Scandal for at Least Four Years
> Obama vows to battle Holocaust denial
> Tony Blair calls on world to wage war on militant Islam
> Crisis as a Means to Building a Global Totalitarian State
> ABC News Exclusive: Torture Tape Implicates UAE Royal Sheikh
> Clinton says Pakistan poses ‘mortal threat’
> Children tracked by sat nav to stop bad behaviour
> Rule of Law Vetoed by President Obama
> British soldiers ‘tortured and murdered 20 Iraqis, then covered it up with firefight claim’
> Slash population to save the world: green lobbyist
> Credit card giants defy plea to ‘be fair’: Interest payments soar as base rate hits record low
> Israel pledges to protect itself from ‘new Holocaust’ threat posed by Iran’s nuclear programme
> Barak: Gaza probe shows IDF among world’s most moral armies
> Let’s skip Gaza: Pope’s PR blunder
> Rudd to announce civilian corps
> The Truth about Facebook (video)
> Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law
> The European open internet is under imminent threat
> Russian journalist blasts ‘Big Brother Britain’ and compares it to life in the old Soviet Union
> Lieberman: U.S. will accept any Israeli policy decision
> Senator’s husband’s firm cashes in on crisis
> Students held in ‘terror’ raids freed without charge
> Revealed: British arms used in Gaza conflict
> Feiglin: If I were PM, I’d rebuild the Temple
> Rothschild = Redshield: Now Greenshield?
> ‘US missile shield tips weapons balance’
> Ahmadinejad calls for ‘change’ in world order
> Iran tells how to throw the book at Israel
> Kosovo war was not just, nor succesful
> Big bank profits are bogus! Massive public deception!
> Official: Dissent Now Unpatriotic
> Obama’s real plan in Latin America
> Obesity causing global warming, say scientists
> Obama reaffirms support for the CIA
> HR20-New Mother’s Mandated Mental Health Test-JUST PASSED HOUSE!
> Drugmakers Walkout at Iran leader’s speech
> Drugmakers Boost Lobbying to Police Drug Comparisons
> Chancellor’s austere Budget is expected to earmark more cash for weak banks
> LAUREN BOOTH: Wake up and smell the pepper spray. These 3,609 new laws are to control us, not protect us
> Visitors to Yemen Report That Jews Are Reluctant To Be Rescued
> Tons of released drugs taint US water
> The criminalisation of political dissent in Britain
> US Jewish lobby challenged by ‘pro-peace’ rival
> The Antarctic Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse: Media recycles photos and storylines from previous years
> Iraq parliament promises to push Shell out of gas deal
> Monsanto Indian Farmer Suicide (Video News)
> Economy in Jeopardy. Barack Obama: „Financial Crime Boss”
> Chemtrails – The Latest Assault on Us
> What The International Media Aren’t Telling You About Somalia Pirates
> US Threatens to Invade Eritrea
> Are You Kidding Me?
> Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along!
> Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away
> The Tower of Basel: Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency
> This rampant executive must be brought under control
> Jesus Missing From Obama’s Georgetown Speech; Nice Pyramid Symbolism, Though
> Obama Appointee Wants Soviet-styled Media
> Obama to regulate ‘pollutant’ CO2
> Adding Insult to Injury–Powerful Jewish Groups Demand Case Against Accused Spies Be Dropped
> Palestinian case removed from Durban II draft
> The Latest Absurdity in the Fight to Conserve Water: Making Rainwater Harvesting Illegal
> GE Fails To Boost US Crop Yields: Study
> Council powers to spy on the public are cut
> Polish reporters claim CIA jail evidence
> Obama Protecting Bush from Spain?
> Tourists Or Terrorists? Police Erase London Sightseers Photographs Citing Terrorism
> The Road to Area 51
> MIDEAST: Aid Rots Outside Gaza
> Terror quiz for man who took photo of police car
> Russia demands Nato exercises in Georgia are stopped
> Barack Obama releases documents showing CIA ‘torture’ during Bush-era
> Youth called to serve
> Thalidomide Drug was Actually Developed as Nazi Chemical Weapon. Today It’s Used as Chemotherapy.
> Robert Fisk: How can you trust the cowardly BBC?
> Ministers urged to extend free flu jabs to over 60s
> Iraq air raids hit mostly women and children
> US Aircraft and Elite Navy SEALs Defeat Three Somalis in a Lifeboat
> Justice in Latin America: former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, sentenced to prison
> Big Brother under fire: European Commission launches inquiry into secret surveillance of web users
> Israel will not cooperate with UN over Gaza war crimes inquiry
> Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga: CIA, Mossad behind terror attacks
> Obama’s Science Czar Channels H.G. Wells on Climate Change
> Israel braces for Palestinian uprising
> Neoconned Again: Discredited under Bush, the superhawks reunite for Obama
> Government, Big Pharma Push Bill to Drug America’s Mothers
> Globalists Fear Belarus-Iran Alliance
> Iraq war: Gordon Brown aims to delay inquiry report until after election
> The seven sign of terrorism> Secret Homeland Security Threat Assessment Labels Gun Owners Potential Terrorists
> NATO: slaughter of civilians and drugs
> A fraud that makes Madoff look small time
> The Big Money Behind Geithner
> Thai troops open fire on protesters in Bangkok
> WUWT Ice Survey Shows Thickening Arctic Ice
> EU trains a new diplomatic corps – without waiting for Lisbon Treaty
> Former Obama Advisor and CFR VP says 100,000+ Troops, 10+ more years needed in Afghanistan
> If you don’t take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits
> The Economic Crisis: No, this will not be a Normal Cyclical Recovery
> Nationwide Tax Revolt Is Coming
> Piracy in the Red Sea: Saudi points towards Israel
> Israel calls for assassination of Nasrallah
> New vaccination fears over plan to give hepatitis jabs at eight weeks old
> An identity crisis for Blair: Former PM describes Jerusalem as ‘home’
> New bird flu cases suggest the danger of pandemic is rising
> Lloyds Bank Staff ‘Puts Frighteners’ on Debtors
> Israeli Occupation Places Baby under House Arrest
> Liberals are Unwitting Shills for Communism and Satanism
> A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel: Almost $114 Billion
> US Navy Physicist warns of possibly ‘several decades of crushing cold temperatures and global famine’
> U.S. shipped 989 munitions containers to Israel week before Gaza invasion
> Microchip that tells the GP if you’ve taken your pills
> Compulsory voluntary work for young
> US setting stage for longer Iraq stay?
> Cancer-Causing Toxins Detected in Fluoride Chemicals, Says NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation
> Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques
> „Liquidate the Banks; Fire the Executives!”
> Barack Obama uses Bush funding tactics to finance wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
> You stopped us from vetting people, says Pakistan envoy
> Ireland archbishop admits child abuse report ‘will shock us all’
> Rabbi-in-chief: Barack Obama’s Jewish connection> Video: „Global Warming” Explained In 10 Minutes
> Obama’s obscene remarks in Iraq
> Serb Demonization as Propaganda Coup
> The Most Dangerous Country?
> Mass medication through drinking water
> Terminator Planet. Launching the Drone Wars

By 2020, so claim UAV enthusiasts, drones could be engaging in aerial battle and choosing their victims themselves. As Robert S. Boyd of McClatchy reported recently, „The Defense Department is financing studies of autonomous, or self-governing, armed robots that could find and destroy targets on their own. On-board computer programs, not flesh-and-blood people, would decide whether to fire their weapons.”

> Monsanto’s Roundup Residues in GM Food Cause Cell Damage
> Iraqi lawmaker: ‘US behind recent Iraq bomb attacks’
> Americans Denounced As Terrorists While Criminals Embraced
> ‘Wi-fi networks must be removed from schools to stop children getting cancer,’ teachers insist
> Netanyahu To The West–Destroy Iran Before Israel Destroys You
> Pentagon blows up pigs in bombproof armor
> OBAMA thinks at POLLUTING the atmosphere to fight climate change
> Kids’ comp ‘is climate change propaganda’
> Politicized Accounting: No End to the Scams
> Antarctic Sea Ice Up Over 43% Since 1980, Where Is The Media?
> Claim That Sea Level Is Rising is a Total Fraud
> Hyperactivity drug ‘could help solve Britain’s obesity crisis’
Really? Then let’s read this and this, first.
> Drugging girls in care ‘caused birth defects’
> Britain is protecting the biggest heroin crop of all time
> Video: G20 Police Assault on Man Who Died
> The question that flummoxed the great orator
> Report Calls CIA Detainee Treatment ‘Inhuman’
> Following Bush lead, Obama moves to block challenge to wiretapping program
> Largest landowner on Earth – Queen Elizabeth II
> ID cards ‘could use chip and pin’
> Obama adviser declares $7m pa
> Suspect in officers’ shooting was into conspiracy theories
> Bush and Obama Administrations Broke the Law By Refusing to Close Insolvent Banks
> US communities print own money over tight cash
> Seismologist Was Forced to Remove Italy Earthquake Warning From the Internet
> Hawaiians May Need Special ID to Buy Gas in 2010
> Massive Cover-Up of Economic Crisis
> Civil Disobedience protest at Data Retention of email
> Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe
> Mexican president: US authorities ‘complicit’ in drug trafficking
> Moldova Protests Turn Violent After Communist Win
> Perchlorate Chemicals Found in 100% of Tested Infant Formula Products
> Blair steps up fight to be crowned first ‘President of EU’
> Police ordered to release 7/7 footage
> UKBA to exchange fingerprints with US
> Meme Supreme: Predictive Programming In Action
> Top British judge attacks European Court
> NATO Spooked by Afghan Laws Upholding Patriarchy
> Changing the rules of war

Today, most observers – including Amnesty International – tacitly accept Israel’s framing of the conflict in Gaza as an armed conflict, as their criticism of Israel’s actions in terms of the duties of distinction and the principle of proportionality betrays. This shift, if accepted, would encourage occupiers to follow Israel’s lead, externalizing military control while shedding all responsibilities to occupied populations.

> Should Obama Control the Internet?
> UK Government Pushing Cervical Cancer Vaccine on Boys!
> Hypocrisy: Nicolas Sarkozy campaign against tax havens hit by reports of Swiss contacts
> The „Sugar Daddies” Behind Feminism
> The bankers’ view of G20: an arresting bet for traders
> Medvedev hails ‘comrade’ Obama
> G20 protests: Riot police, or rioting police?
> Here’s proof. The innocent do have something to fear
> ‘Ontario residents only’ at Tent City
> Drugs Contribute to Dementia, Delirium
> Clinton Advisor: Earth’s Population Has Exceeded Limits
> NYPD moves to cloak midtown with camera license plate readers, and radiation and bio scanners
> World Bank President Admits Agenda For Global Government
> Finally, Talking the Lobby’s Role in America

It finally seems acceptable, even within polite circles, to discuss the role of the Israeli Lobby on US foreign policy. AIPAC’s recent success in deposing the almost National Security Chief Chas Freeman stimulated much free thought worldwide. Freeman made it clear that he blamed certain “unscrupulous people with a passionate attachment to the views of a political faction in a foreign country whose aim is to prevent any other view other than its own from being aired.”

> Obama takes on North Korea conflict, economy
> Derivatives: the Heart of Financial Darkness
> CFR Unveils Global Governance Agenda

The Council on Foreign Relations, often described as the „real state department”, has launched an initiative to promote and implement a system of effective world governance. The program, titled „The International Institutions and Global Governance Program,” utilizes the resources of the „…David Rockefeller Studies Program to assess existing regional and global governance mechanisms…” The initial funding for the program came with a $6 million grant from the Robina Foundation, which claims that the grant is „…one of the largest operating grants ever received in Council history.”

> The New Deal dollar and the Obama dollar
> Protesters have stormed the Royal Bank of Scotland in London as thousands of people descended on the City ahead of the G20 summit of world leaders.
> G20 „Terrorist Plot” Exposed As Teenagers With Plastic Guns And Fireworks
> Businesses turn to MPs for help after banks demand homes as security

Britain’s biggest banks are demanding that directors of small businesses put up their own homes as security to obtain basic credit facilities, The Times has learnt.

> MPs to censor their own expenses

Members will this week be shown copies of thousands of receipts and other documents due to be published under the Freedom of Information Act. They will be invited to redact the documents, blacking out information they do not want to disclose.

> Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will
> Monsanto GM-corn harvest fails massively in South Africa
> ‘Dead’ Pakistan Taleban Chief Takes Credit for Lahore Terror Attack
> National Service Bill Legislates For 9/11 “Day Of Service”

A national service bill that has already passed both the House and Senate legislates for a “September 11th National Day of Service”, where everyone in the U.S. will be asked by the federal government to “volunteer” their services.

> North Korea Threatens War Against Japan Over Missile