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Februarie 2009

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America Goes The Way of the USSR

You know that our economy has been turned into a socialist system. You’re already probably mad about that. But there are many other ways in which America is going the way of the Soviet Union.

Wikileaks cracks NATO’s Master Narrative for Afghanistan

Wikileaks has cracked the encryption to a key document relating to the war in Afghanistan. The document, titled „NATO in Afghanistan: Master Narrative”, details the „story” NATO representatives are to give to, and to avoid giving to, journalists. Among the revelations, which we encourage the press to review in detail, is Jordan’s presence as secret member of the US lead occupation force, the ISAF.

Firms defraud government but get new US contracts

WASHINGTON – Companies that defrauded the United States and jeopardized American lives received new government work despite rulings designed to stop them from receiving federal contracts, government investigators report. Payments went to a company whose president tried to sell nuclear bomb parts to North Korea, a company that jeopardized lives on the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy, and a seller of body armor that the Air Force said was defective.

Officials investigate how bird flu viruses were sent to unsuspecting labs

Officials are trying to get to the bottom of how vaccine manufacturer Baxter International Inc. made „experimental virus material” based on a human flu strain but contaminated with the H5N1 avian flu virus and then distributed it to an Austrian company. That company, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then disseminated the supposed H3N2 virus product to subcontractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. Authorities in the four European countries are looking into the incident, and their efforts are being closely watched by the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control.

Fluoride in the water – even if you don’t want it

A health trust has become the first to force through a move to add fluoride to tap water to fight tooth decay in children. The decision was made using new laws to introduce fluoridation, although three in four members of the public and a county council opposed it.

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas warns of surveillance culture

Laws that allow officials to monitor the behaviour of millions of Britons risk “hardwiring surveillance” into the British way of life, the country’s privacy watchdog has warned. Richard Thomas told The Times that “creeping surveillance” in the public and private sectors had gone “too far, too fast” and risked undermining democracy.

Nationalization: It’s Not Just for Communists Anymore

In America, “nationalization” used to be a dirty word. But that was prior to this era of government intervention to save industries and institutions deemed “too big to fail.” Now, state involvement in – and even ownership of – certain sectors of the national economy is called a “necessary evil.”

Princeton Physicist Tells Congress Earth in ‘CO2 Famine’ – Increase ‘Will Be Good for Mankind’

Dr. William Happer, currently a professor of Physics at Princeton University, was once fired by Gore at the Department of Energy in 1993 for disagreeing with the vice president on the effects of ozone to humans and plant life, also disagrees with Gore’s claim that manmade carbon dioxide (CO2) increases the temperature of the earth and is a threat to mankind. Happer appeared before the U.S. Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee on Feb. 25 and explained CO2 is in short-supply in relative terms of the history of the planet.

Greenland’s Ice Armageddon Comes To An End

One of the catastrophic results of global warming always cited by climate change alarmists is the melting of the ice sheets covering Greenland. Some even speculated that global warming had pushed Greenland past a “tipping point” into a scary new regime of wildly heightened ice loss and rapidly rising in sea levels. Now, from the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, comes word that Greenland’s Ice Armageddon has been called off.

US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property

Put simply, the feds have now actually mortgaged the physical land and property of all citizens and businesses in the United States. They have given to a foreign power, their Constitutional power to „take” all of our property, as actual collateral for continued Chinese funding of US deficit spending and the continued carrying of US national debt.

Dallas FED: U.S. Economic Contraction Intensifies

Recently released data indicate that the economic contraction has intensified at a pace associated with severe recessions. Two consecutive quarters of negative real growth, striking job losses and deep declines in both manufacturing and services output defined year-end 2008. While the economic outlook remains bleak for the first half of 2009, a few indicators suggest that the pace of contraction may slow in coming months.

Top Japanese Scientists: Warming Is Not Caused By Human Activity

A major scientific report by leading Japanese academics concludes that global warming is not man-made and that the overall warming trend from the mid-part of the 20th Century onwards has now stopped. Unsurprisingly the report, which was released last month, has been completely ignored by the Western corporate media.

Mahler Gets 6 Years Over Holocaust Statement

MUNICH – German dissident Horst Mahler has been sentenced to six years in prison for „Volksverhetzung” (racial incitement). The symbolically significant number of years imposed for „anti- Semitic hate speech” stemmed from his refusal to recognize the Jewish Holocaust®, which he described as „the biggest lie in world history.”

The Bankers Manifesto of 1892: History Repeated

We (the bankers) must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance.

Gordon Brown helped fuel banking crisis – FSA head

Gordon Brown helped fuel Britain’s banking crisis by pressuring the City regulator not to intervene and stop reckless lending, Lord Turner, the head of the Financial Services Authority, said.

Victoria Cross hero Johnson Beharry condemns failure to care for veterans

He said the Government was relying on military charities to cover its own failings and called on ministers to do more to help the growing number of his comrades suffering from severe combat stress, depression and mental breakdowns.

Barack Obama to end US combat operations in Iraq by 2010

„Thanks to the sacrifices of those who have served, we have forged hard-earned progress, we are leaving Iraq to its people and we have begun the work of ending this war,” he said at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, a base which is sending 8,000 marines to Afghanistan in April.

Bangladesh mutiny: two more mass graves unearthed as toll hits 80

Bangladeshi soldiers have unearthed two more mass graves concealing the bodies of officers murdered by mutinous border guards under the coconut palms of their base in the capital Dhaka.

The Giant Federal Pension Insurer Is Broke

When a private company starts a pension, the investments are insured by a federal agency. Now the pensions are collapsing and the government agency is bankrupt.

Obama’s Plans Are Bigger Than New Deal

A new government would confiscate the gold, default the currency, bonds, etc. The housing and stock market would be set up as giant co-ops.

Secret Bilderberg Agenda To Microchip Americans Leaked

Sources from inside the 2008 Bilderberg meeting have leaked the details of what elitists were discussing in Chantilly Virginia last week and the talking points were ominous – a plan to microchip Americans under the pretext of fighting terrorist groups which will be identified as blonde haired, blue eyed westerners.

Gathafi blames Israel for Darfur unrest

„It’ll be no surprise to anyone when we say that we have found inequivocable proof that the Darfur problem was fomented by foreign forces,” Gathafi said in a speech carried by the independent Al-Libya television channel. „Key rebel leaders have opened offices in Tel Aviv and meet frequently with the (Israeli) army,” he charged.

UK Foreign secretary Faces High Court Battle in UK Over Gaza Rights

The foreign secretary, David Miliband, has acted „in flagrant and continuing breach of international law” in failing to suspend arms exports to Israel, the high court will be told.
In what is thought to be the first legal challenge resulting from Israel’s operation in Gaza, lawyers representing more than 30 Palestinian families have accused Miliband, along with the ministers for defence and business, of acting illegally by failing to suspend arms sales and government assistance after alleged Israeli human rights violations.

Humans ‘will be implanted with microchips’

All Australians could be implanted with microchips for tracking and identification within the next two or three generations, a prominent academic says. Michael G Michael from the University of Wollongong’s School of Information Systems and Technology, has coined the term „uberveillance” to describe the emerging trend of all-encompassing surveillance.

‘Sex chip’ being developed by scientists

„When the technology is improved, we can use deep brain stimulation in many new areas. It will be more subtle, with more control over the power so you may be able to turn the chip on and off when needed. „In 10 years’ time the range of therapies available will be amazing – we don’t know half the possibilities yet.”

Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th Amendment Rights

A majority of states have bills passed or have proposed bills which affirm 10th Amendment rights. Some affirm additional rights and/or give specific reasons. New Hampshire has written the most aggressive legislation. With the economy collapsing, it is a very real and immediate danger that the federal government can turn into a completely criminal and fascist government. They’ll put foreign troops on their streets. They’ll grab people to put in forced labor or concentration camps if they are unemployed or protesting. They’ll conduct experiments on these prisoners.

U.S. Army To Buy $6 Million Of Riot Equipment

The U.S. Army is to invest $6 million in riot equipment, a fact that has furthered fears that troops will be used inside the U.S. in order to quell any civil unrest resulting from the ongoing economic crisis.
The U.S. Army Contracting Agency, based at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, has a post on the Federal Business Opportunities website, requesting the equipment and has received several notices of interest from potential vendors.

National Guard Training To Grab Guns In Arcadia, Iowa

The Alex Jones interview with the Iowa National Guard responsible for the training exercise in Arcadia reveals some details of the operation, including looking for guns in the homes of citizens…Why is the Iowa National Guard training to grab guns? Why is the Iowa National Guard training to violate the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Why are they training the Iowa National Guard to violate their oaths to God?

Democrats Introduce Public National Service Bills

A Democratic Senator from Connecticut has introduced four bills aimed at establishing a groundwork for a system of comprehensive national service. Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., says that the legislation will “create the architecture and the structure that will serve as the invitation for everyone to serve.”


According to leaked documents, the IPS now does not now hope to bring in fingerprinting for passports until 2012. Fingerprinting is further exposed as an excuse for other data collection by documents that show, the IPS does not now intend to collect fingerprints for every group to which it issues ID cards. Clearly biometrics cannot be the essential solution that ministers claim. Interrogations for young people however are going ahead.

ID cards create second-class citizens

Opposition is mounting to the government’s ID card scheme. One reader’s story demonstrates perfectly why it should not go ahead.

More than 267,270 already signed petition for exposure of birth certificate of President Obama

We, the undersigned, assert our rights as citizens of the United States in demanding that the constitutional eligibility requirement be taken seriously and that any and all controlling legal authorities in this matter examine the complete birth certificate of Barack Obama, including the actual city and hospital of birth, and make that document available to the American people for inspection.

Obama Sells US To China Inc

The truth is starting to seep out. Because of the need for more money to finance the latest bailout-the Obama economic stimulus plan-America is going further in debt to the Chinese Communists. Our country is officially being sold to the highest bidder. And we have striking confirmation of this fact from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Oops. We Overlooked 193,000 Square Miles of Ice

The ice is melting! The ice is melting! . . . Or is it? In May, 2008, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) predicted that the North Pole would be ice-free during the 2008 melt season because of ‘global warming.’ Today, they admitted that they’ve underreported Arctic ice extent by 193,000 square miles (500,000 square kilometers). They blamed the error on satellite problems and sensor drift.

EU-Israel Collusion Against Palestinians?

When I first read these documents I was speechless, because they only allow the conclusion that the EU and its member states are not only passively looking the other way, what is bad enough, but that they are in active collusion with Israel to continue and even aggravate the misery of the Palestinians in Gaza, and that these governments are actively engaged in a campaign of intimidation against their own nationals should they decide to show solidarity with the Palestinian population in Gaza. If these are papers which are being made public, then I must ask, what machinations are being done in secret?

Up to 120,000 protest in recession-hit Ireland

DUBLIN (AFP) – Up to 120,000 protesters brought Dublin city centre to a standstill on Saturday over government austerity measures aimed at stabilising the once high-flying economy now wracked by recession. The demonstration came a day after the global economic crisis led to another political casualty elsewhere in Europe, with Latvia’s prime minister quitting as his country grapples with deepening recession.Organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and featuring teachers, police, civil servants and others, the Irish protest was the „first step in a rolling campaign of action,” ICTU general secretary David Begg said. Police put the number of protesters at up to 120,000. Marchers are particularly opposed to a pension levy on some 350,000 public servants which is designed to save about 1.4 billion euros (1.8 billion dollars) this year.

The madness is about to begin

President Barack Obama’s climate czar said Sunday the Environmental Protection Agency will soon issue a rule on the regulation of carbon dioxide, finding that it represents a danger to the public.

Nevada bill would outlaw RFID security research, EFF says

A proposed bill in the Nevada State Legislature would make it a crime to do legitimate research on security weaknesses in radio frequency identification, the Electronic Frontier Foundation said on Friday. The bill, S.B. 125, would make it a Class 3 felony to possess, read, or capture another person’s personal identifying information through RFID, subject to up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
The measure is scheduled to be discussed Monday morning in the Nevada Senate Judiciary Committee in Carson City, Nev. The hearing will be Webcast.

Bill proposes ISPs, Wi-Fi keep logs for police

Republican politicians on Thursday called for a sweeping new federal law that would require all Internet providers and operators of millions of Wi-Fi access points, even hotels, local coffee shops, and home users, to keep records about users for two years to aid police investigations.

Economic crisis bigger threat than Al Qaeda, US says

The economic crisis has topped Al Qaeda as the US’ number one security risk, with social unrest in Europe already highlighting the security implications of the downturn, US national intelligence chief Dennis Blair has said.

Eurojust Supports Wire-tapping of Skype Conversations

EU’s judicial cooperation agency Eurojust will take the lead in finding ways to help police and prosecutors across Europe to wiretap computer-to-computer phone conversations enabled by programs such as Skype. „We will sit together with all member states to see how this can be done technically and legally,” Joannes Thuy, Eurojust spokesman told this website.

Brown moves to end 100 per cent home loans

Gordon Brown is calling for a return to „traditional” banking methods in Britain as well as new curbs on 100 per cent mortgages.In an article for The Observer, the Prime Minister said that he wanted to see „prudent and careful” lending by the banks which should be the „servant” of the economy, „never its master”.

Brian Eno: The well of freedom is running dry

I worry about initiatives like identity cards and computer databases because they could be a step towards a police state, with completely innocent people being held in custody because of software malfunctions.

Former Canadian Prime Minister: Give up Your Sovereignty to Make the World Work

… we’re all gonna have to give up a little bit of our sovereignty in order to make the world work”.

Nationalization: Code Word for Banker Takeover

Bank nationalization is merely a code word for a banker scheme to “socialize” the insolvency of certain banks. In other words, the government — the bankers — are transferring this insolvency to the tax payers who are confused on the issue…

We are all extremists now

The government is criminalising legitimate dissent under the guise of fighting ‘extremism’, a word for which it has no definition. For most of the past century, Britain’s secret state bugged, blacklisted and spied on leftists, trade unionists and peace campaigners, as well as Irish republicans and anyone else regarded as a „subversive” threat to the established order.

Blueprint for EU army to be agreed

The plan, which has influential support in Germany and France, proposes to set up a „Synchronised Armed Forces Europe”, or Safe, as a first step towards a true European military force.

The New Depression

This is the mother of all postwar crises, which has barely started and remains out of control. Its end – the timing and the complexion – is unknown.

A „Monetary Stalingrad” is on its way to Europe

The storm could hit within days or weeks. Major political upheaval and change will ensue.

U.S. Military Preparing for Domestic Disturbances

A new report from the U.S. Army War College discusses the use of American troops to quell civil unrest brought about by a worsening economic crisis. The report from the War College’s Strategic Studies Institute warns that the U.S. military must prepare for a violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States that could be provoked by unforeseen economic collapse or loss of functioning political and legal order.