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Ianuarie 2009

Soros Selling Off Sterling Again

George Soros, the billionaire investor famed for „breaking the Bank of England” has launched another assault in recent months, cashing in as Britain’s currency slide.

Treasury Banks on City Financiers to Run Britain

The bankers who might be blamed for the credit crunch are being paid by Whitehall to save us from ruin.

Gordon Brown Brings Britain to the Edge of Bankruptcy
Monetary Union Has Left Half of Europe Trapped in Depression
Pastor Lindsey Williams Details „Economic Calamity” Ahead
Taxpayers Face Years of Debt in Bank Salvage Deal
Bank Of England To Secretly Print Money
GM and Chrysler Now Want More Bail Out Money
Globalism – A Gigantic Ponzi Scheme

Decembrie 2008

The Federal Reserve Bank Is The Reason For America’s Downfall
Repossession Threat Even If You Pay Your Mortgage

Octombrie 2008

Un român îl învinge pe nesuferitul Domn Dobândă

Un profesor de istorie a câştigat procesul pe care l-a intentat unei bănci pentru că aceasta i-a majorat discreţionar dobânda la un credit, invocând doar „condiţiile pieţei”. Baza legală a procesului – Legea 193/2000.

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