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Stiri de criza / Crisis News

Iunie / June 2009
Din surse interne

Continua saga gripei pandemice a porcului zburator

    > Mai mult de 10.000 de romani au semnat petitia impotriva imprumutului FMI
    > Cerem REFERENDUM NATIONAL in problema actelor electronice
    > Protest fata de supravegherea si stocarea informatiilor electronice

> Campania Opriti codurile!

> CODEX ALIMENTARIUS : Otrava cu aprobare guvernamentala in magazinele din Romania
> Ministerul Justiţiei din Moldova conchide: Dacă n-au murit de tuberculoză, poate mor de foame!
> CONDITIILE IMPUSE DE FMI ROMANIEI. Memorandumul Tehnic de Intelegere a disparut (momentan) de pe site. Documentele originale. RAPORTUL FMI DIN IUNIE
> Romania coboara treptele agoniei catre fundul negru si rece al gropii care ne-a fost pregatita de UE si FMI
> In cazul unui razboi dintre Rusia si Ucraina, Romania se poate trezi singura in mijlocul focului
> Harta LIVE a evolutiei pandemiei de GRIPA PORCINA (AH1N1)
> Frauda Centralizata sau cum sa cautam procentul la BEC
> si Pandemia – versiunea non-media
> Bancherii către Guvern: Încurajaţi plata cu cardul şi veţi încasa taxe mai mari!
> Liviu Voinea: Acordul cu FMI include “conditionalitati impovaratoare”
> Spionaj, Pandemie, Razboi – cele trei mari amenintari la adresa Romaniei
> BERD: Intentia bancilor din Vest de a se retrage din Europa de Est ar conduce la un “colaps al sistemului bancar” in regiune
> Cine si de ce foloseste A/H1N1 pentru crearea unei isterii mondiale?
> Judecatoarea Carmen Paduraru : permisele auto cu cip si despre pozitia “anti-cip” a unor fete bisericesti
> FMI: Evoluţia economiei României a fost sub aşteptări în T1
> FMI a publicat memorandumul cu Romania
> Legea introducererii organismelor si alimentelor modificate genetic in Romania
> De la prostie la educatie
> In apararea lui Dan Puric

Din surse externe

> Global warming hogwash: Plans to save us are actually

> Britain should join the Euro, says Mandy, as he praises
‘great success’ of single currency

> Top French court rips heart out of Sarkozy internet law
> Climate laws add to police workload
> Gordon Brown puts Israel lobbyist in charge of Britain’s
Middle East policy

> FDA approves cancer drug for dogs, too
> Beyond Golden Rice: The Rockefeller Foundation’s long-term
agenda behind Genetically Modified Food

> Peled proposes Israeli sanctions on US
> Israeli DM Criticizes US Military Aid to Lebanon
> Obama Warns not to challenge Official 9/11 Story (video)
> Swedish PM calls for national carbon taxes in Europe
> EU security proposals are ‘dangerously authoritarian’
> Obscene Drug Mark Ups
> Who Spent All That Money For What?
> FDA Approval of Antipsychotics for Children Mirrors Bayer, AMA
Approvals of Heroin as Cough Medicine for Children

> Human rights victory for 20 terror suspects as Law Lords rule
Government’s control orders are illegal

> Readying Americans for Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations
> Newsweek: Obama is God and Great Teacher (video)
> Middle-classes ‘don’t need winter fuel payment’, say MPs
> ‘Orwellian language’ in schools turns pupils into ‘customers’, finds damning report
> Stay slim to save the planet
> Why are we fingerprinting children?
> Nepotism Rules at Bilderberg
> UN’s Marxist Plan for Global Government
> Taking the politics of fear to a new low
> The Washington Child Sex Ring Coverup
> Morgellons Fibers and The U.S. Currency Fibers
> White House had long planned GM and Chrysler bankruptcies
> Jewish town in Galilee demands ‘loyalty oath’
> DNA databases prelude to return of eugenics?
> Pupils to be taught ‘how to think’ in GCSE-style course
> 5 Monkeys
> China moves to censor home computers
> Tennessee Burger King Defends Its „Global Warming Is Baloney” Sign
> A Case for Treason (Edward Heath)
> Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier advancing 7 feet per day
> Holocaust Denial And Uncomfortable Truth
> Obama shows Iran carrot, Clinton stick
> FEMA National ‘Exercise’ 2009
> Blind man accused of driving offences
> All Australians to Have National ‘Medical’ Microchipped ID Cards
> Spy bugs may be deployed for 2012 Olympics
> NASA Study Shows Sun Responsible for Planet Warming
> The cloud with no name: Meteorologists campaign to classify unique ‘Asperatus’ clouds seen across the world
> Poles Review Postwar Treatment of Germans
> Federal Reserve to Hire Ex-Enron Lobbyist in PR Move to Counter Doubts about Fed’s Growing Power Over U.S. Financial System
> US Fed Chairman demands plan to cut social programs
> Saudi FM: US aid to Israel should cease
> DVLA is selling drivers’ details to rogue wheel-clamping companies
> FDA weighs risk of antipsychotic drugs for kids
> The Techniques of Fascism #1: A Missile at Your Door
> WHO recommends rotavirus vaccine for all children
> Weaponized Education: Controlling Tomorrow With The Youth of Today
> NIAGARA COURTS RULING: Taser use to obtain DNA not unconstitutional
> MERCURY Found in Thousands of Foods & Soda’s Containing High Fructose Corn Syrup (video)
> Shas seeks authority to strip Israelis of citizenship
> Automated Precision Satellite Guidance Of 9/11 Type Aircraft Largely Possible Just Before Attacks
> Gross Fraud At Nuremberg – An Ugly History
> Police rule out broad inquiry over MPs’ expenses
> The WHO Plays with Pandemic Fire
> Mint can’t account for missing gold
> House Bill Proposes Commission to Explore National Servitude
> Settlers Rampage in WB, Savage Palestinians
> Auschwitz survivor: „I can identify with Palestinian youth”
> Drug Companies Using Third-World People as Guinea Pigs
> Report Ties Dubious Iran Nuclear Docs to Israel
> New Uses For Electro-Shock Torture
> Climate Change: Science Manipulated
> Police target ‘innocent’ youths for arrest in bid to increase DNA samples on database
> Obama intel nominee involved in ‘torture’
> Barack admits US role in 1953 Iran coup
> Democrats agree to IMF money in U.S. war bill
> Obama Selling Military Secrets To China For Debt Forgiveness?
> Campaign to Stop GM Wheat

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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

    1. You’re welcome 🙂

  2. vezi ca m postat pe youtube filmul legat de colapsul Argentinei…
    username: blinddaterix

    1. Multumesc mult de tot ! E perfect. Postez linkul imediat.

  3. L-am postat si pe

    Doar trebuie sa iei embed-ul.Bafta.

  4. si apropo, de acum incolo ar fi bine sa te folosesti si de

  5. Foarte bun articol. Felicitari. Normal ar fi fost ca domnii de la Guvernare sa faca un referendum inainte de a decide contractarea imprumutului. Probabil se gandeau la binele conturilor lor, care oricum nu stau rau. Aveti un blog foarte interesant si bine scris. M-am hotarat sa va adaug la blogroll. As fi recunoscator daca ati putea sa luati si blogul meu in considerare. Acesta este blogul meu:

  6. L-am publicat si eu.

  7. servus…
    chiar interesant…
    cele bune!

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